Fun with Ragdolls: The Game

The RagRooms | Level 4 for Fun with Ragdolls: The Game

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Published by Imayokboi (mod ID: 2152822)


Welcome to Level 4! You're Safe Here! There are other survivors and wanderers here too! you feel relieved knowing that you have escaped the dangerous levels, but however once again, you want to get out of the Backrooms! so you have 2 choices, stay in Level 4 in the Backrooms OR Find an exit from The Backrooms and return back to Reality! you can't talk, so you make up your mind and decide to keep going and get out of the Backrooms, theres a door leading to Level 5 at the end of the Survivor Outpost, when you were going there, someone warned you to AVOID Level 6 , he says one of his friends decide to wander off of Level 4 and they still had perfect connection through Walkie Talkie's until he ventured into Level 6, in which they're connection failed and lost communication, and he says that you should avoid Level 6 AS MUCH as possible. before giving you some supplies. welp, you're going to level 5 i guess....