Fun with Ragdolls: The Game

Prison Break v0.3.0 for Fun with Ragdolls: The Game

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Published by ProMods (mod ID: 153422)


NOTE: This world has a relatively high number of objects. The world WILL take some extra time to load when you first open the world. Take note that I am not responsible for any lag in the world due to low end devices.

You’ve been imprisoned! Use the other prisoners as a distraction so you can escape! This is an early release version, new updates will come over time.

Update v0.3.0! - Added prison wall with guards stationed at each tower! View changelog for full update details.

HUGE UPDATE! v0.2.0 - Completely redesigned the prison! Make it to the checkpoints to save your point and continue pushing through to escape with the chopper! A way longer level now! Show your support to this map if you enjoy and give a thumbs up! Have fun breaking free!

ps, turn on slo mo for a dramatic effect when you get tackled! :)

Current version: v0.3.0

Change log:

(For change log see change log at bottom of page)

upcoming updates:

v0.3.1 - fix up some stuff, any bugs that I might encounter later, etc

v0.4.0 - this will be a HUGE update! But I’ll only give one hint... air vent system ;)

Known issues: prisoners tend to run right into the laser fence, and guards have messed up pathfinding directly to the player. These will be fixed as soon as possible.